March 28th, 2010


Discarding Angels

Last night: Got a surprise invite to the closing party for Té Café. It was pretty nice. I'm ordinarily terrible at parties, but Té Café's crowd was the social group that, in retrospect, I've been orbiting distantly around for a fairly long time. Decent conversations (although not a lot of substance), good food and wine, and a bit of ridiculous dancing. I managed to drink a bit of red wine (asked for it by mistake) without any migraine(!) - maybe not all red wines have sulfides?

As counterpart to that message from wikipedia a few days ago, I got a dark twin message Collapse )

Communicative styles:Collapse )

I wish more of the time it's raining in Pgh it were actually storming. Without lightning and thunder, rain is pretty meh.


Served with a side of Parsimony

Concrete example: Why does "DELETE FROM table" in SQL delete all tuples in that table? Someone might reasonably complain about that, particularly if they're just learning SQL. They might say that "DELETE FROM table WHERE (clause)" is reasonable, but it's rude to have non-claused deletes delete everything. Reason is really parsimony Collapse )

It seems Kiva Channukah is a reasonable replacement for Té Café, although it doesn't have that "living room with some people I kindasorta know" feel. The seats are less comfortable, and the irritating crazy "I must read my books aloud loudy (aloudly?) and I will tell you no if you tell me to STFU" guy is here too often. They have decent food though.

Very irritated that I wasted all that time this weekend with that failed software upgrade. At least the rollback went smoothly.

I woke up much earlier today than I expected (seasonal shifts take some time for acclimation). Maybe by the time I head home it'll be dry enough for me to have another good jog. I'm still alternating between the Really Lazy Loop and the Less Lazy Loop. It'd be great to be able to get back to the more interesting loops if I could get back in shape enough. On the rare times in the past where I've really felt energetic, I've added one or two(!) loops of one of the nice forest trail loops that starts and ends at Hobart/Bartlett.

This might be a rephrasing of something I've said before (I honestly don't tend to remember much of what I blog, it's just a process of scraping a few things off the top of my head at any given moment)...I've been trying to understand what it is about PZ Meyers that creates such a broad difference in tactics when talking about religion - Collapse )

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