March 29th, 2010


Bus Red Ducks

Next Sunday, the first in a series of changes to Pittsburgh's bus schedules/service lands. Details for those who live vaguely in the same part of the city and/or go to some of the same places that I do:Collapse )


Dan Druff's Revenge

Many years ago when I was living in Columbus, I knew someone who was a comedian. We had a running gag of a really disgusting detective named Dan Druff (in retrospect, maybe a bit like Joe Don Baker in 「Mitchell」 (hearts poundin', veins cloggin', keep your eye on the sandwich o/~) although we didn't think about it at the time). We had a voice for him and everything.

In another shrine to ridiculositude, today we have heard of two great-but-neglected saints, Saints CoreSampler and Enviroblimp. I hereby encourage people to tell us the tale of these august personages, in novel, short story, webcomic, and haiku forms (oh, actually interpretive dance would be awesome too).