April 1st, 2010


Philosophical Caltrops

If you lose something in a dream, even if you are in a sealed container, it is typically scrubbed from "reality" - if it's hard to find, it's not worth looking for it. Such are the rules, although I wonder if different people have substantially different average "reality quotients" in their dreams. Alas, going up to people and asking them "how real are your dreams?" is more likely to get odd looks than answers.

Idea and its challenge:

  • It is very reasonable to have a policy say 「X should be difficult」
  • With all the ways people are practicing self-betterment, such policies tend not to hold, except in rare circumstances. Is it even appropriate to have such self-betterment be considered a wrong?
  • Sometimes?
How to fail to get the girl (a possibly funny, definitely mopey path):Collapse )

Sigh. Half-baked economic ideas are still only half-baked. Maybe I'll just present part of it.Collapse )

I like the word 「bespeak」.

I sometimes wonder how much the Vatican's 「position on condoms」 is because backing down and changing would cause them to lose face. The notion that it denies the gift of life is pretty broken - using the rhythm method is not substantially different, nor are other methods. It'd be nice if they would reconsider their position on the matter.

On 1 April, I'm generally stuck between three impressions

  • People are doing cool things don't take them down! (Goooogle has added an aalib-esque display for most videos, although those of us with mplayer can generally get the same thing with "-vo aalib" - it's neat how one's eye really can get used to parsing video in this form)
  • There's a fair amount of information where I'm not entirely sure if it's real or not, and possibly less real information travelling today. This is kind of irritating.
  • Occasional general silliness is nice
Still trying to decide on whether it's more worthwhile or interesting to talk about philosophy and morality (I've probably written about moral relativism before here), about my particular value framework (which I have also probably written about before here and elsewhere), or to address concerns and particular arguments and misunderstandings people have about secular morality. Maybe all this has been done to death to the point where the chances that I (or anyone else) will contribute something new is pretty low. I imagine that in the broad scale it's very difficult to say something really new, one just popularises some intuitions and integrates them together into a whole. Maybe in that sense, modern philosophy is a lot like contract programming - grab some code from here, build partly on somebody's program there, smoothe the edges a bit, etc..

Having less success than I would like in improving diet and exercise, but more success than zero. It would probably help if I had a jogging partner that was also a fairly bad jogger, but both shyness and the fact that there are probably few people who are likely bad enough at running who would nontheless be interested in doing it. It's like with my accordion, I think - it'd be great to have large groups of people who enjoy being really bad at their activities (or possibly enjoy them despite being really bad and are also not competitive about getting better?).

I've recently been enjoying Final Fan-Tasy, which is reasonably well done. I haven't really followed the Final Fantasy series after FFVI/Chrono Trigger, but I'm guessing the music is mostly unique to the fanseries and was crafted to be in-genre for Final Fantasy (which is pretty cool). Unfortunately, this has exposed me to some of the stupidity (gunblades, wow what a dumb idea) in the later parts of the series :P

Also recently sorted all my "youtube favourites" (hundreds of them, ugh) into playlists. People who enjoy browsing other people's collections of things (and who doesn't? If your sense of humour is anything like mine, the 「Geek」 and 「Funny」 sections will be particularly to your liking) , hop on over to my youtube channel (which has practically no content *by* me) and click on the "Playlists" tab.

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Types of Words

That different kinds of expression are more mediated, and more facilitatable by technology - not an odd idea. Rapid shifts in technology allowing for new types (or easing existing types) of expression - makes new artists, enables existing towards broader options.

Photoshop, GIMP, Maya, perhaps Second Life?

If we ever build a just society, we'll be able to intrigue more people towards building cultural paradise in their spare time. Continued development of technology that lets us more cheaply/easily turn our various types of dreams into things we can share with others - a thing of great beauty.

As youtube has taught us, providing new technologies doesn't provide good taste. :P

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