April 4th, 2010



Addressing the inner lives of others - Is it possible to "talk past" the surface level of dialogue people have, where all their defenses lie, to address the root cause of a self-denial? I'm not sure. Collapse )

Spent most of friday and saturday doing things for work. Collapse )

Té Café reopened yesterday under new ownership - the new owner isn't who everyone expected - instead it's to be run by a family that runs Sun Penang (fusion Asian place in SqHill). There's something interesting to me about families owning such places in common. Initially they're just adding Spring Rolls to the menu, eventually they might have a bit of sushi and other things. Also strange to see the newly-renamed busses in action today, and maybe I'm a bit grumbly that the christians have shut everything down for their holiday.

Recently heard of 「Ashley Madison」. There are few things more despicable, and I think they're playing with fire. Collapse )

I think one of the big challenges of working out my political philosophy Collapse )

I am not shedding any tears over the death of Eugene Terreblanche. Like Rehavam Ze'evi, he was well outside the pale and grossly harmful for the public good.

I sometimes wonder about the singularity - is the fact that we don't have this type of positive feedback (at least not at a grossly accellerated pace) between programming power and programming tools a potential reason to doubt the eventuality of the event?

Anyhow, I guess I'll head home and go for a walk or jog in the woods.

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