April 11th, 2010


Habitat for Inhumanity

Another fondue success. As always, the best, most "proper fondue"-like spells happen not long after I started the preparation, so this time I went with a much much shorter melting time, heavier stirring, and less wine. It turned out rather well - less wine boiled away (or was denatured), and that wonderful smell remained. I think Brioche may not be a great dipping bread though.

I don't often post about science, not because I am not enthusiastic about it but because I presume you have your own good sources for whatever fields of science you're interested in. However, I think this (very long) video from Stanfnord on bioimaging is broadly interesting - Bioimaging is one of the great technological achievements of humanity, with very broad potential usage. I'm glad that in my Psych research job I was involved with some of these technologies. The MRI discussion happenes around the 1 hour 32 minute mark.

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