April 12th, 2010


Count of Monte Crisco

I am bothered every time I see Apple's tablet - I don't want it to be popular because it's a great step backwards for platform-openness. The hardware looks pretty neat, and it's a good candidate for the "I'd like something to read books on" device, but Apple has long been trying to close every platform and device type with which they've been involved; their products are shiny and have better software for their intended purpose, but they're not so good for being general-purpose devices. Maybe they're not intended to be GP, but by the hardware, they so easily could be that it's wasteful to lock them up, and harmful to industry to further tilt economies of scale away from the tinkerer crowd. Anytime a hardware manufacturer goes further and actively works to lock tinkerers out with system updates, their product and company deserves to end.

It would be interesting to watch a TV programme (or youtube channel, I guess?) where lawyers and legal philosophers would answer broad questions on US Law. I've been trying to understand the perception of US society and law by nonwestern Muslims, and I suspect there's a number of very pointed questions that might be asked that Collapse )

When villains pass...Collapse )

I recently have been geeking out over Göbelki Tepe, which is probably the most significant archaeological find in over a hundred years (perhaps ever!). It's a structure believed to have been constructed by hunter-gatherers sometime before 9500BCE (before pottery, known writing, and practically all other known technological advances) and rapidly/mysteriously buried aroud 8000BCE, and it's probable that our first experiments with agriculture (domestication of wheat) were done as part of the efforts to support the project. I'm trying to find good, current sources on the site - if anyone else finds blogs, journals, websites that are reasonably close to being live, I would be delighted to hear of them. At some point in the more distant future, perhaps this will be a fascinating museum (or people will make museums out of reconstructions in some other location).

Tvtropes has nicely summed up my thoughts on canon and culture - that authors of works are providing just one (or more) version of a story-universe, and that readers should feel free to retell, alter, redact, and add to those works as they see fit, creating new canons, new meaning, or excluding things they dislike.

Maybe making fondue was a mistake - the cravings for it won't stop, yet it is still a pain to make (really, mostly a pain to clean out the pot afterwards). I think I have also inextricably linked Sauvignon Blanc and Fondue in my mind - I'm not sure if I will ever have a cup of it without thinking "I wish this were in cheese". I wonder if the other types of fondue are as tasty. I suppose the answer to end the craving is to have it enough that I memorise its taste and can just enjoy the memory.

Also unpacked and sorted my books..Collapse )

I really should get better at resisting the frozen yoghurt place in SqHill. In theory the saving throw for that is based on WIS, but in practice, probably DEX. Sigh.

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