April 17th, 2010


Corrupt Life

Returned to Carnival, saw the inside of plenty of booths. This year was the most impressive yet - while a few groups fell relatively flat (KGB, for example), many of the booths were quite elaborate. I took numerous pictures, but right now I can't retrieve them from my camera due to kernel bugs. While debugging that (before submitting the bug), Collapse )

I am slightly weirded out that twice in as many days I've spotted people wearing highly kinky tights near Kiva Han (or perhaps I am over-kink-impressioned by them? I dunno).

Been recently choking on the bitterness of solitudeCollapse )

Cute that embrace, extend, extinguish can happen on Linux, in this case, the "yum" tool that layers on top of rpm (for Linux distros that use that flavour of package management) is now claiming to be the preferred API for packaging and is all-elbows with tools that use rpm (and rpmlib) directly. Brain-damage!

Every so often (probably like many geeks), I dream about what I'd like to see from a next-generation unix shell - I often wonder if we dream about the same things or not. I still occasionally learn new things that bash can do, but there are things that I've learned that bash cannot do that I think are worth doing, and doing it in a higher-level language (naturally, I'd use Perl, maybe Perl6 as my first Perl6 project and a good chance to learn the new language) would make it easier to do some of the things I like, I think.Collapse )

Some time ago I stumbled across the conservative blog Stop the ACLU. They actually don't talk a lot about the ACLUCollapse )

If I were the superstitious sort, I would be tempted to think that Lady Gaia is very angry at humanity about something (global warming deniers, perhaps?) - numerous recent earthquakes, multiple collapses of mines (the one in China was a better story, in fact), other disasters. I wonder if we actually have had an unsual number of these things, or if I'm just noticing the reporting of them more.

Anyhow, I guess I'll go wander around Carnival again for a bit, then likely get dinner and go home. Meh.