April 24th, 2010


The only thing worse than real twits

RDR results are up. Looks like I ran a bit over an 8 minute mile. On a track. Oh well, whatever. On the way back to central SqHill that evening, I saw my would-be running nemesis running on Fnord, and given that I heard at the race that he's become a crazy runner since five years ago, maybe it's good that he wasn't there. I am pleasantly sore today.

Unfortunately or fortunately, the race allowed me to cough the sinusgoo out of my lungs, and I decided to plant my flag on them and keep them clear. This is resulted in lots of coughing, sneezing, and a feeling of terrible rawness in my throat and lungs, although it is probably better than the alternative of always feeling like there's a bit of water in there. Probably. If not, at least it keeps the cats entertained.

Spending the day in the Southside - Joseph-Beth's new location utterly sucks (it's maybe half the size it was before, and entire sections of books disappeared). The Beehive, as always, is nice. More sketching - trying to work on shadows.

A bit of political babbling:Collapse )

Also, this article on the removal of Paul Kurtz from the Center for inquiry board is pretty interesting. I'm leaning towards supporting Kurtz, both because I think he's right that it's more important to provide the next step for those who have stepped into the broad waters of Atheism, and because there are already groups that just focus on getting people into the water. I don't accept secular humanism as being the right life-philosophy (it seems to be a codification of bland American "liberalism"), but I think the focus on providing one is very important. Blasphemy day isn't something to be deeply ashamed of - it might occasionally draw some attention, but it should be at most the opening to a combo - draw attention, get the word out that people looking for secular philosophies don't have to be alone, and then be ready to talk about the societies and philosophies one actually can provide. Without that second part, there's little point.

Where Nietzsche was strongest (and where he's most misunderstood) is that in his critiques of the corpse of Christian thought, he portrayed nihilism as being a phase we would pass through on our way to reinventing ourselves. Until we hold that funeral, we're not free to move beyond shallow forms of liberalism into something deeply better (like with Kurtz, I disagree with Nietzsche on the next directions, but applaud the perspective and effort). That nihilism cannot be a final destination unless we crave self-destruction - the cynicism of Shiva must be paired with the creativity of Brahma (or Atropos with Clotho, if you prefer Greek symbolism).

Just discovered that Chumbawamba's 「Un」 and Firewater's 「Golden Hour」 are two CDs that mix very well.

Also, Parthenogenesis is fascinating. Sadly, the Parthenon is not named after it. I am kind of tempted to try to extend that into Parthenom de Plum, but I'm pretty sure people would groan if they read that. This reminds me that I still have not gotten around to seeing the Parthenon in Nashville. Sigh. OTOH, it might be interesting to plan a trip of seeing the Nashville Parthenon and then the ruins of the real Parthenon as part of a single trip.

Seems that I'm seeing a lot of phishmails purporting to be from twitter recently - similarly, I'm glad to have left Facebook - it seems to have become utterly terrible about communicating its privacy and sharing policies recently, from what I read.

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