April 26th, 2010



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Recently noted the words "purse, lipstick, and ..." somewhere, and somehow the image of large lips floated into my head. Spent a good amount of time trying to figure out why that phrase evoked the image, until I spotted that it's very near to "pursed lips". Ahh, language.

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Finally have forgotten Neil Gaiman's 「American Gods」 enough to reread it - quite enjoyable. Gaiman reminds me a bit of Stephen King's non-horror fiction (well, except for Stardust, which was a lousy book and worse film). Sometime I'll have to check out the TV series 「Neverwhere」 - if it's as good as the book was, it'll be good times. I understand that comics were made of the series too - I wonder if they're any good.

Sketching: More time exploring the murky ground between would-be-realistic sketches and comics, penned a possible ending to Oyschlisn (long-neglected first comic) that I'm not sure about, posture as aid to emotional expression. One of the things I've long used as a crutch in helping me to progressively visualise parts of the body to which I don't normally pay attention (neck-down) is to have the neckline of the shirt start to define the upper body. I'll need to adapt in order to move beyond this - the idea of someone either with a turtleneck or no shirt is not an easy idea to sketch given my method.

Tempted to conclude that the ending of 「Chicago」 is as likely a dream as the ending to 「Hedwig and the Angry Inch」 (or, more bluntly, the ending to 「Brazil」. I wonder how much of this was an honest attempt to show the vision of happiness people hold onto in a collapsing world, and how much is instead attributable to Americans having such poor taste in films that we dislike anything but the most saccharine endings.

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Food for Idol Minds

One thing that tended to bug me, when I was more active in the relevant secular movements, is the tendency of some people to make themselves filtered sketchboards for religious culture that they had barely stepped beyond. In particular, the tendency to step so gently outside of christian, judaist, or muslim culture that they're apologeticallyCollapse )

We should not be lazy or ashamed on these matters - appreciation of nuance, willingness to not respect other people's idols, a commitment to broad and deep education, reasonable skepticism and self-doubt, and being willing to tread the waters of other faiths and philosophies will lead us to the worldviews that have the most merit (see note 3). If we become afraid to learn deeply about others and to consider (reject, adapt, or incorporate) their claims, beliefs, practices, and respects to people living or dead as things for us, then our versions of these things are deficient. When we hear "X is/was a great person!", we should carefully investigate them, what they did, believed, spread, and then judge that person.

  • Note 3: (this is partly a definitional statement)

Hmm. Another post where I'm not sure if I've actually said much worthwhile. Oh well. Off it goes 「to the press」.