April 28th, 2010


Philosophy without grandiosity is like art without deception

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Yesterday: Made a visit to the old workplace to put together a barebones system - Asked by a former coworker what I'm interested in studying in psychology - while the answer was kind of off the top of my head, it rang true as I said it. Situational learning/memory - learning actions, type of reasoning, physics of a type of situation. I think I'm interested in (1) the process of construction of those types of frames (their differentiation from general learning), and (2) how we selectively import and adapt strategies, domain knowledge, and other things from other frames into the newly constructed one. I'm more interested in the first part. I understand that 「Transformative Learning」 is a term that might be worth looking into - it kind-of captures some of the interesting stuff. I think the topic is what makes possible the analogues to expert systems that we build in our heads for various domains - there's got to be a moment as we face problems in our general life mindset that we recognise "aha! Some of the problems I face in my life have some commonalities that suggest that a special frame of mind can be constructed to productively deal with them, let's declare them to be a domain and begin to organise their common traits as domain knowledge, seeking common approaches that allow me to productively exploit their regularities"

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And a bit more - another poll PZ is arranging for crashitude is held by one of the far-right evangelical microchurches on the topic of Tea Partiers. Collapse )

Beginning to reread N's 「Also Sprach Zarathustra」 auf Deutsch. I'm sometimes surprised that there are no nice online annotated, bilingual versions of the work - as literature, as poetry, as philosophy it's a masterpiece. I was inspired to reread it because of that - there are some quotes I rather like that I don't recall quite the location, and the "I guess I could just read the whole thing again in German to find those bits" gave a nice emotional chord. Might try to do exhaustive research on Dr. Sun Yat-Sen next - I've been meaning to do so for awhile. Not being able to read Mandarin is sadly a limitation, but there's only so many languages I can learn well enough to stumble through original sources. Mandarin would likely be more difficult than most (and Parsi is ahead of it on the list).

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Hooray, over the half-distracted hour it took to write this, my migraine has retreated back to a dim presence in my head and a faint feeling of overwarmth in my eyes. Looking forward to the next stage before it disappears completely - the feeling of a fresh coolness in the mind and that feeling that my brain is working more sharply and smoothly than ever.

Oh hey I ordered this thing - a replacement for the smaller Cintiq that I passed to more creative hands a few months ago. According to UPS, it is somewhere between here and the wonderful city of Portland right now on its way to me. Yeah, maybe it's a bit silly to be spending money on this when I'm both crushingly depressed and hoping to move sometime this summer, but I imagine I'll enjoy it and I usually seem to feel uncomfortable spending money on things that'll make me happy. I imagine it'll probably actually arrive before the end of the week. I wonder if all the crazy new magicality that went into recent versions of X11 will make it 「just work」™, or if I'll be using the GIMP-Windows port on my gaming computer again.

I rather like the Mozilla Labs Testpilot programme - I don't mind being a guinea pig (even as I am unashamedly a browser poweruser), and I really like being able to see the neat visualisations of the data that are visible with some studies. Maybe a bit of it is exhibitionism - just as I would not mind posing for sketches/paintings (even nude) for art, I don't mind baring a reasonable amount of stuff FOR SCIENCE!™ (or reasonable fascimile). Maybe it's a way to feel real and connected to people/a community - if I get reflective, I might worry about it being similar to how people do various slightly shady things in order to compensate for parental neglect (can't provide many details on this because every time I've spoken with people on the matter it was provided in confidence), but I think it's probably less pointedly problematic here.

Anyhow, going to drink another pot of tea and head home, I think.

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