April 29th, 2010


Sacrifice for Mimir

Poor sleep leads to strange dreams... Beavers as creatures with inbuilt platonic ideals of a dam. With genetic aesthetics, is there some ultimate dam that they would build if they had the means? Some yearning to build smaller temples to imitate some grand entity whose historical existance is unimportant? - this idea, metaphor-seek-and-apply-to humanity

Perhaps this is not enough of a return for a poor night of sleep.

Gordon Brown, in prep for the upcoming parliamentary elections, managed to shove his foot deeply into his mouth. Some of this is systemic of the general European difficulty with having a reasonable discussion on the effects of immigration. At least in europe, such things are generally over matters of substance and character rather than empty fluff (e.g. Dean Scream).

I am pleasantly surprised to discover that cough drops are wonderfully effective. rheet!


Maimed Feet

It turns out that I can indeed run 3+ miles on the track, but there is a large difference in damage to my feet when doing so barefoot over the 2 miles of the random distance run. Combined with the truly bizarre injury to one of my fingers that seems reluctant to heal, I am presently fairly leaky. Ow.

I probably would've injured my finger less if I didn't have this heavily diminished sensation to all my fingers. I guess it's good to know that at the right pace (and if my feet were to be built back up to being Texas Tough™) I could probably run very long distances. This felt much better than the RDR (although I suspect I wore myself down significantly at the start of that because I wasn't sure what kind of pace I could keep on a track).

Rereading Orson Scott Card's 「Pastwatch: the Redemption of Christopher Columbus」. It's rather good - he is one of those sci-fi authors whom I'm embarassed to like (he's outspoken on several societal issues on a side that makes it hard for me to respect him as a person). Oh well - such is life - I would not close my ears to Handel's 「Messiah」 any more than I would be ashamed of liking HaTikvah.