April 30th, 2010


Surfeit of Pockets

As I mentioned, I replaced my laptop's HD with a SSD a few months ago. Performance has been good, although I am not entirely certain it's as good as it could be because I'm not sure that Linux is issuing the special TRIM commands to tell the disk when it's *really* dome with a sector (and I was daft enough to accidentally fill the disk not long after I got it). Apart from the nicer performance, I've also had this kind of constant "I wonder if this application is running in a way that really makes sense for SSDs", tweaking settings of all sorts of programs as I go. Slashdot recently pointed me (and every other old-time geek who actually used it) at a Gopher torrent, and as I was about to launch Transmission (a Gnome-based torrent client that's pretty decent), I realised that SSDs are probably a very very bad mix with torrents (I also like doing torrents on another of my boxes that's always on, but that's not the point). I wonder if there's a way to do torrents that's gentler on SSDs, and I wonder if it's a problem to be using a primary storage medium where I'm thinking about this stuff all the time. Geeks should not be using their workhorses gingerly.

Unrelated, sometimes as I'm going to sleep, I fire up the Wii and try to play MegaMan 9, which is obscenely hard. For someone who has beaten all the old Ninja Gaiden and MegaMan games (1-4, at least), I can't help but think that either Megaman 9 is much harder, it's designed to be challenging in a different way, or I've lost some skill - I can't beat (or even reach, except in the case of one) any of the regular robot masters. Maybe it's that MM9 doesn't seem to use continue points (or they're not generous with them, which every other game in the series is), or it's that most of the deaths are "gotcha!" type. Sigh.

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