May 2nd, 2010


The Feline Privilege

I'm glad that I have my cats to chase off all the invisible ninjas that seem to be around me. They're very diligent.

Google Earth and maps seem to have gotten married. It's hilarious how they both seem to percieve the bridges of pittsburgh as dipping down into whatever valley they're trying to take people over. It reminds me of Doom3D, which only pretended to understand height.

People of Pittsburgh, does anyone want to get fondue for lunch/dinner? If so, call me ASAP. Sigh. Nevermind.


Comatose with Cartilage

Today: Had a nice long walk in the woods, then terrible migraine, then as it faded I went to Oakland to seek out something for dinner (wasn't sure where I was going to go) ended up spotting alternative-indian-place and went there. Ended up seated right by a couple where the gal was delivering that awful "my passion for you has died down and I need to think about things" speech. I can't speak for every possible relationship, and likely the things I have to say have no validity outside of secular western culture, but Collapse )

I wasn't aware that the oil spill was *that bad*, but I got a bit curious and on investigation, it's a very big deal.


The Trouble with (British) Politics

Spent a bit of time looking over the three potential PMs in the upcoming parliamentary elections (6 May) in the UK. It's a bit weird, from an American perspective, to see the equivalent of our congressional and presidential elections in one unitary piece - while Clegg, Brown, and Cameron are all running as if they were running for president, the PM comes out of whosever party wins a majority of seats (or builds a coalition to do so). It would be amusing if Clegg, Brown, or Cameron were to lose their seat in the elections despite their party winning parliament - I imagine that's unlikely. So.. there are three axes for analysisCollapse )

Oh, also it's hilarious watching my female cat trying to eat apples - her teeth arn't really suitable for it so she grumbles at me the whole time she works on it, licking it like a lollipop. Occasionally the other cat comes around to try to compete for what she clearly sees as the most wonderful food in the world, and he walks off with a disgusted look on his face when he smells the apple. Same thing with bananas, really.

Disappointed at my utter failure to find dinner, activity, or other companions this weekend, but it's really par for the course. Sigh.