May 4th, 2010


Seeking Bigger Styx

Yesterday was a completely awful day on pretty much all counts ending in a long, lonely freaking out at home.

Today is a bit better. Was nudged to finish an almost-done project at work to help someone with dire needs, and did so. Visited a troublesome server in another job expecting horrible disk failure during boot, and it turns out they just didn't know how to turn it on, before all that decided to take one of the more pretty walks through the woods to reach campus. Still have some things to worry about at work but they're not dire. The giant Wacom drawing tablet has arrived. Only major things to be unhappy about are that I mistakenly had a meat soup earlier today and my stomach seems to be very angry at me, and the longstanding difficulties with lonliness. At least I have a new toy to distract me for awhile.

Random chewings on points political, historical, and perhaps philosophical, depending on what the off-the-top-of-my-head department strikes me with today:Collapse )

I've been chewing on how statelessness, the type of "sponsorship/protection" that passports formally request, and handling of modern nontraditional wars might interact with our notions of justice. I remain convinced that torture of those from non-state militias who have been captured is entirely inappropriate and believe some minimum standard of care is warranted, but it would be interesting to see them treated as stateless persons (or to consider consequences for states that still claim them and request their treatment above that minimum). I'm not sure about this though.

As always I kind of wish these were conversations, but so goes life.

Playing with OkCupid's chart thingy - I am amused that the charts it makes seem to try seriously to always have first and second-tier lines of answers, giving some questions as penalties to make it easier for people to fall off into "No way" and assigning anyone who remains on the second tier at the end of the chart as a "Only if you're paying". This is quite different than I'd arrange it if I were going by hand, but then I have the human ability to draw abstractions from the questions to make a version of that chart much more purpose-driven, to-the-point, and succinct. I don't really think the "Only if you're paying" category is very appropriate anyhow, at least for me. I'd probably split the bill if I invited anyone out for Indian food or tea unless I knew their means were very different than my own, and if so I might pay even if the date were not going very well. I suspect my laundry list might look anyhow like:Collapse )

Played a bit with the boss's iPad - while I still think it's horrible from the perspective of where-the-industry-is-going-in-terms-of-closedness, it's quite slick. I wonder if google is being outmaneuvered in not yet having anything equivalent available to the general public. Steve Jobs' response to Adobe on the front was both incomplete and talking out of both sides of his mouth, but I've come to expect as much. Still, the polish is pretty amazing.


New Wacom

The new Wacom tablet is huge. Until I figure out better, my Linux laptop is banished from the seat of honour. My current desk (two filing cabinets with an uncut door on top) might be showing its limitations...

First doodle:

(clickable for larger version, idea courtesy of chrisamaphone, but filtered through my craziness)

General impressions of the tablet:Collapse )


One more..

Another doodle, this time trying to use a greater variety of tools.

Some things are a bit awkward in GIMP. There's no direct way to bucket-fill-with-gradient - instead one has to fill a blank layer with a gradient, then use the existing layer tools to get your gradient where you want it. Awkward! If anyone knows a better way, let me know.

I keep thinking that it'd be awesome to have good Povray integration with GIMP (either ditching some important parts of one or the other, or having some kind of mixed object model). It's not terribly hard to import a given image as a texture and use it that way, but there's so much more possible.