May 7th, 2010


RipVan Wrinkle in Time

Last few days have felt like a total disaster for reasons I won't detail here. But... I just had a nice 1-hour conversation at Té Café with some regulars and some other folk on philosophy in popular culture (attacking SouthPark as an entry into the battleground where I argue that 「Postmodernism is the wrong response to the right crisis」), which was nice.

On the title, I would like to reread the 「Wrinkle in Time」 series sometime - I'll have to stomach the christian imagery, but at least it's less blatant than the rather horrible CS Lewis stuff (attempts to reread that failed utterly). Works that are set in a moral universe will in general feel childish to me now, but revisiting the past can be nice.

Today I walked from campus to Whole Foods, and on the way took a slight detour to pass by my first apartment in Pittsburgh for the first time in years. Weird, although that area feels pretty weird to begin with in its extreme yuppitude.

Things arn't looking that good for me, and I expect I might stop posting for awhile.