May 18th, 2010


UMN Personality survey

Survey here.

My results (which seem mostly correct, to the extent that surveys can measure this stuff):Collapse )

I consider myself more of the "reluctant to be a leader unless I'm really needed (because dealing with people is tiring) but competent in the task while I suffer it" type. Likewise, when it comes to atruism I think it mismeasured me a bit in that I will often help people should I know their needs (or percieved intellectual nourishment) are not being met, but mostly in ways where I don't have to be social with them (unless I really like them and we have a history of relating well) - I'd help most people in person if asked, but am most charitable in a behind-the-scenes, mostly invisible way that most people probably would either not notice or not attribute to me. I am a bit surprised that my liberalism is ranked so highly - while on the American political spectrum I am far-left, I think there's a lot of important social and other needs met by traditions and I am reluctant to discard those things entirely before we understand them. I don't think the answers I gave to the survey's questions were really that extreme on that point. ...