June 3rd, 2010


Sheol and the Garden

Decided on NYC - my last few trips were to Cowtown while I haven't been to NYC for well over a year (last trip was another lonely one - went to see some Gilbert and Sullivan). Travelocity found me some cheap(!!) tickets for an early flight tomorrow, and a 1:40 trip time won out over the 10-12 hours that amtrak/greyhound offered. Still trying to find a cheap hotel that offers internet.Staying at the Staybridge Suites on Times Square (walkable to MoMA and Central Park... longish walk, but doable and almost certainly will be done)

As per usual, I hate to plan pleasure-trips too much, but I also don't want to be bored, so I'm assembling a list of options for places to eat and visit Collapse )

The one downside is that my GPS doesn't seem to work, and for someone whose ideal city-type vacation involves mainly bookstores, coffeeshops, museums, and lots of walking, I'm reluctant to be too adventurous without some way to avoid getting lost. Currently trying to see if I can get it working again.

I expect this will be another lonely trip, as I am terrible at meeting people no matter where I am, and because I'm still depressed to the point of being broken. Still, maybe it'll do me good to get out of the city.

JasonM or Dawon, if either of you are living in NYC and you happen to spot this, please drop me a line - I could use advice on where to stay or where the goth stuff is and if you'd like to join me on my adventures or propose new ones, that'd be grand.
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