June 6th, 2010


Still and Moving Gaps

Day two of two of NYC visitude:Collapse )

I'm probably going back into radio silence mode - my regular life leaves me too depressed to write most of the time without being tempted to let out things that probably should not be told the world, and it's too tempting when I'm putting it together to emotionally think it represents real, bidirectional communication of the sort I crave - I'm cutting that styrofoam out of my diet until and unless I can get my head genuinely together. Or at least I'm trying.

One last thing - Eat'n'Park is trying to get a zoning variance allowing them to build a store in the nice grassy area in Oakland. There are signs up indicating that this is happening and providing more details, please attend that hearing and do your best to prevent it from happening.

For now, over and out.