June 17th, 2010


Unto the Fourth Generation

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Sketching faces - still making slow progress in both the cartoon mode and the accurate mode. Figures look more human, but when I draw from a photo things still look significantly more real than when I draw novel things. Careful self-inspection suggests that I'm still mentally layering impressions and parsing of the face over the actual shape of the head - this is stronger yet when I draw people I know and any photo (or other things) I have of them invoke how I feel about them as well as how I parse their face over their actual features. On the other hand, forcing myself to draw that anyhow helps me understand what they actually look like, which is normally a bit masked by those feelings. Sketching as a perception-altering experience.

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As I mentioned on my twitter feed, a few days ago I spent some time thinking about how increased TRIM support in modern OS's could improve RAIDs, and how maybe the record-based filesystem interface that VMS had might've been something worth keeping in modern OSs. Did we get the abstractions very wrong with Unix?

Phantasy Star 3: Have been ejoying playing it again, and am remembering how much of a pain in the butt a lot of it is. Not sure if it's the best of PS1-3 or the worst.

Very irritated that Firefox doesn't have a nice plugin for GCal anymore - there was one so fantastic that nobody else made one, and then the author lost interest.

I could probably comment extensively on politics (bp's website has been incredibly interesting to watch over time, for example), but..

Oh, if anyone wants me to write them a physical letter, they should let me know. Pick a few topics or ask me a few questions to whet my pallete - I could offer you some philosophy (political or not), my thoughts on some other matter, explain why I did something, answers to questions people don't normally ask or answer each other, or whatever. Give me an address and I'll mail it to you. I have some Vellum that I originally bought to write letters to someone who never wrote back, and most of it is still left. It'll help me pretend to feel connected to people too. P.S. include your snailmail address if you think I lack it. If you don't give me any topic, you might get five or ten pages of something you'll find terribly boring. P.P.S. Some experience with reading my excessively ornate handwriting might be helpful.