July 16th, 2010


It Left Us Impoverished

Pondering: relationship between military obedience (which seems like it's probably a good thing) and democratic centralism (which I find ugly). Collapse )

Amusement: War of newspapers, where they be slappin' the diss on each other.

  • One newspaper likes to point out that they're the only newspaper that's growing and that the other is dying
  • Seen today: We still have $number of locations, we're not out yet.
Latter got a good chortle out of me - "I'm not quite dead yet" is not good advertising.

DSL adventures:Collapse )

Collapse )

I'm glad I've told my bosses that I'm leaving sometime in the next half-year - having that above-board helps me loose this inertia. It's funny how much mature perspectives include self-manipulation through external implements - the part of us with the triforces is very small, compared to that which is governed by the three Perl Virtues.

Last night: went to a M:TG event for the first time in a very long time. Looks like recent sets are a lot faster than average sets used to be - got smoked. Was kind of disappointed because I went there on advice of an acquaintence and there was in fact little meaningful personal interaction. Still, decent socialisation has been incredibly rare. I always seem to want more depth, meaning, or interest in most of the times I interact with people - I want to talk about philosophy, human nature, the sciences, maybe politics, etc. Also: been highly grumbly about being the only person at some event or place who's alone. Oh well.

Progress on faces and bodies continues - Collapse )

Impressed at how internationally, a number of Ron Paul supporters also support Nigel Farage. Collapse )

Still thinking about an appropriate upgraded phone - trying to decide between Andrioid Dev2 or NexusOne. It's possible that some contacts in google or elsewhere can get me schnazzy unreleased devices, but I've been told not to count on it.

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