July 21st, 2010


Virtú/Knowledge, Transhumanism, と Cyberpunk

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While waiting at bus stop today was wondering why I haven't been thinking much about Transhumanism recently, given that it is at least theoretically a position and interest of mine. Answer:Collapse )

Looks like my friend JasonM likely will be out of here by the end of the month - I've read that Pittsburgh's air quality is quite poor, and he's sensitive to that. He's likely to move to SantaBarbara, which we both consider one of the nicest towns in the US. I've been too depressed to do more figuring out the job situation, but hopefully I can wrap up my research and send out letters soon -- there's at least some chance I'd end up there as well (or UrbanaIllinois, or Berkeley, or Eugene, or Austin, all depending on which if any professors bite). Was nice to have someone else I know in town, but interacting with people has left me highly frazzled and unstable.

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