July 23rd, 2010


Skill in (pre)Tension

Sketches: DC2010 sketchbook came in yesterday. It is very pretty, but I have learned more so far in Diaz's new comic blog. Still, it is good for studying style while on the bus. Collapse )

Recently got the story about a place I've passed a few times on the way to T'd'O -- Conflict Kitchen. My neighbourhood's magazine (idea of that is kinda neat) says that every 4 months, a new restaurant will rotate into that space, restaurants selected by being the national cuisine of a nation with which the US is currently estranged. I wonder if those that were particularly successful when they were there will set up shop nearby as a permanent place. It's either a neat marketing gimmick or a cool cultural idea - pity it's in an obscure place.

Recently been thinking a lot about digital media and culture - enormous danger of letting providers of content take it away. It is important as culturally engaged people that we restrain content creatorのability to do so - regardless of what authors might like, they cannot be allowed some right to vanish that takes all their content away if we want our cultural fabric to survive. Even if we have sympathy for content creators that want to try to make a living out of their work, we cannot be sympathetic for those who would control their work for other reasons. It is our culture - artists who think that their (performance?) art must be transitory: be prepared to lose. We will record it. We will remix it. It is in the public interest that we stash copies of anything we think might be taken away that has become part of our personal identity.

Also, advertisements - they cannot hide behind respect for property. Collapse )

Had a broad critique of SteveJobsのresponse to iPhone problems, but I suppose everyone knew that Jobs was a SOB who handles problems like a slimy politician - hardly news. Apple is likewise the same company it always has been under his leadership - Collapse )

If we were to try to predict the future, the most important things to get right are:

  • What has changed wrt scarcity?
  • What advances in materials science have been made?
  • What does the educational system look like?
Almost everything else flows from those.

Poser:If one were to have a community with its own doctors, committed to only using generic drugs (disallowing any of its members to use or its doctors to prescribe patented drugs), would it be healthier? Would it be in any way parasitic?

I am amused that some philosophers really take the 「Problem of Induction」 seriously. Collapse )