August 2nd, 2010


Paying with Cookies

Daydream: Paying for gumballs with giant coin acceptors that want cookies.

New migraine meds: epic fail - another want-to-die migraine last night. Funny how most of the time I meditate nowadays it's to zombie my way past emotional or physical (migraine) pain.

Wonder: Lore of systems geeks - central database to store practices and rationales. Collapse )

Highly irritated with Google making interfaces for things I use much worse. Happy that enough greasemonkeyers find the same problems I do and are willing to write scripts so I don't have to. Latest: a not-disablable playbar on Youtube that autoplays lists of videos by default and loves to hop in the way of things. Annoying as clippy. Solution: here. Interesting thinking about changing approaches to extensibility over the years:

  • Ancient times: "hacks" in the age of DOS patching a binary or installing a TSR
  • NeXTStep: Interface tweaks by launching InterfaceBuilder or writing substitute classes for classes in the app. As a developer: making your app a "service". Awesome stuff.
  • Web: Greasemonkey to tweak apps through js using DOM.
A bit more on PZ and politeness:Collapse )

National Geographic recently tossed a neat (and long) video on Easter Island societies online, in which they described changes and challenges to the culture over centuries, with a particular focus on the role the extensive cave systems played. As explorers have found human remains even in the very deep bits of those caves, I was wondering how people safely managed to get down there, and found this site describing torches makable without modern materials that would do the job. The site is generally fascinating - it's like Make magazine with an interesting added constraint. MacGyver (or Robinson Crusoe) would be proud.

Still hoping every evening that I will feel motivated to send out those letters to professors to get employment soon. Somehow I get sucked into either the realm of abstract ideas, wallowing in depression, or moods for sketching whenever I sitdown someplace that's not home (at home there's the damned video games, OMG let's play with cats, the lure of going for a nice jog or walk in the woods, or falling asleep to worry about). Self-convincitude for productivity: no es facil pero pienso que la neccesito si würde out of this rut gehen.

Fascinated: interesting discussions of posture in DC's talking-about-comics blog. Still bothered about Hitchcockian stories (highly constructed) versus my instincts to portray things like real life and use that as a way to talk about people in the real world. Storytelling styles: quite different.Collapse )

Recently the weather has been quite pleasant for very long walks.