August 5th, 2010


Cliché Guevara

Oh yay another permutation of that silly pun. Anyhow,

After lunch I passed a Dozen's Cupcakery, and noted that they (surprisingly) already had a batch of rainbow cupcakes celebrating the federal judge semi-overturning the anti-gay-marriage plebiscite in California known as 「Proposition 8」. I use the prefix semi to note that the judge suspended his ruling so there's no immediate effect. I felt a bit odd celebrating a judicial rulingCollapse )

At work, faced with an ugly development crossing of the Rubicon..Collapse )

Played the Committee for a Responsible Federal Budget's stabilise the debt game - maybe "game" is not the right term, but watching the (surprisingly not-boring) long committee meetings on youtube (sometimes while reading, playing a game, or sketching), the point is well made that there's a long-term deficit/debt problem that the US faces that will require either a much higher tax burden, much lower expenditures, or some futzing with both. If neither of these can happen, the nation is screwed. Sooooo the "game" is a budget simulator where one gets some canned things one can do. It doesn't let one depart too far from the status quo. I managed to cap the debt at 59% of the GDP by 2018 (still, we're *that* much in debt? oy). Here's how I did it (note that were I given free reign over policy, I would do things a bit differently) and why I made those choices:Collapse )

Neat example of improving heuristic systems with heuristics actually learned from people.

NexusOne DevPhone is finally available and on its way. Looking forward to playing with it, and I have some ideas for geek-social games that'd be fun to develop. It might be good for me to find some other programer types to brainstorm/work with for some good GPL-but-paid (or maybe GPL-and-free) apps.

I've been jogging a lot more to try to deal with depressive fits, mostly in the evenings so I don't feel odd running around in just tights and an athletic shirt (running tights are one of the many nice things about jogging). I've been thinking it'd be interesting to try a jog with a weight, namely my ridiculously outgoing male cat who loves the outdoors. Not sure how well that would go - I'm pretty sure I could avoid him escaping, but his enjoyment and my comfort are things about which I'm unsure. If I had a mesh bag that zipped entirely closed I'd be more keen to give it a go.

I am sometimes amused at how magical programming seems to people who have no experience with it. Given how at least many fields require minor proficiency with programming (from spreadsheets on up), I expect the "programmability gap" to be eventually a major societal issue. It'll be like reading.

Oh, almost forgot - my Sam and Max soundtrack CDs came in. Bloody awesome!