August 17th, 2010


If you won't come to the Mikvah

Title: relates to a sketch I've been working on - person standing in rain - 「If you won't come to the mikvah, the mikvah will come to you」.

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SCS network has again been having problems, preventing me from getting work done. Very frustrating, especially as every time another network hiccup happens I need to give TLC to a few systems. Upside: I now am pretty sure I've figured out what I had conceptually wrong with the 802.1Q project, and hopefully with just a bit more coding I can finish that project and start on the other one.

Personal life remains interesting.

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I've been thinking about what blog software would look like were it to take folding (like lj-cut or what code editors do) very seriously, and add types to folds. Issue: are we less likely to write content when we suspect people will have to dig way down to read them? Would transclusions be a reasonable source of content? Is this just an uninteresting variant of a WikiLink then?

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Strange: Looking back at old textfiles with summaries of dreams typed in, using familiarity to help remind self of which dreams are part of long-term identity and which are from the events of the day. Wondering: how does this relate to blogs? Journals?

Here's a wonderful Dar Williams cover of 「Midnight Radio」, a song that's recently been competing with Vienna Tengの「The Tower」 for main earworm in my head.

I sometimes wonder how often people talk about the narratives the use to give meaning to their lives - I suspect that this is a nearly universal tendency, but maybe it's too personal/emotionally dangerous to lay that kind of thing on the table. Or maybe I'm wrong about how common it is.

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With abated breath

This may be yet another revision/restatement of theory I've been working on for a time, and it could probably be sharpened a bit further than I have here. Enjoy.Žižek - socialism as the true enemy of communism. Criticism:Collapse )