August 18th, 2010


Sate a Narky, You Topiary

Was doing some programming when my regular "watchdog" thread woke up, and I felt suddenly absurd, digging through code while listening to Alan Jackson's "Pickup Man" on my NexusOne, with "The Affluent Worker in the Class Structure" sitting next to me and some books on feminist theory behind me. Had a feeling that were I to be conceived by an author, anyone giving them advice would say they're packing too many ideas into one character. But then, that's true of a lot of people. If "complexity" is the most important lesson of the era, Collapse )

Apologies for the terrible wordplay in the title.


Seitan Tempts Not

It was mentioned that my last post may have not been super clear - perhaps few of my posts actually are clear. So, I will go into a bit of depth on it, both as a (public) exercise for me and as a potential source of clarity for others. I have no idea how interesting this will be.Collapse )

So maybe that clears things up? I admit it may have been hard to draw all the meaning out of that post (or really, many of my posts), particularly without having read my posts for quite some time and/or having had extensive philosophical conversations with me - I've received little feedback on my posts (e.g. "I don't understand what you're saying in this part"), maybe either because the topics are uninteresting to most people, or because the normal reaction to reading dense prose is to just stop reading. Maybe both.

I suppose dense poetry would not necessarily be better than dense prose. It might be more entertaining though? People use blogs as social media in such different ways...

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