August 22nd, 2010


Blind Arrow

State of head: recently altered, as if I were restored from a "last known good backup" and reintegrated. Complex, but good. Hoping things stay like this. Also hoping I can pull the bits of my life that I've terribly neglected back into working order. I think I can manage that, at least some of it.

Concern: Port Authority's planned bus service cuts come January are very very nasty. For example, the 61A is planned to be cut entirelyCollapse )

The Jayme Stone/Mansa Sissoko 「From Africa to Appalachia」 CD is worth checking out - it feels like appalachian, gaelic, and traditional african music got caught in a blender.

I made my way past the theory part of 「The Affluent Worker in the Class Structure」 - the chief problem around which it's arranged is whether the Marxian analysis of class antagonisms is correct. Collapse )

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    Jayme Stone/Mansa Sissoko - Bibi