September 4th, 2010


Garrison Starr - Superhero

Being temporarily barely-mobile, I'm doing more cleaning and sorting of old things. It's strange when I find things that remind me of people and times that were very good about which I've entirely forgotten, remnants of projects I started but put aside (oh hey let's interview everyone about their philosophy, let's collect grass from all over the city and look at it under the microscope, let's read some philosophy and then discuss it on tape or in CDAudio and hand it out and encourage swapping of that stuff). I can forgive the promises I made myself that I later shrugged off because life changed, but the rest? It feels like the institution of me is so much bigger than the actual me...

Anyone local up for lunch/dinner should let me know.



Political/moral philosophy:

  • Avoid legal-esque n-point declarations or tests unless one is trying to provide a fully-specified framework that describes "a thing" rather than a range of what is acceptable. Chances are, the range idea might have refinements or variants that are also compliant with whatever intuitions are being satisfied, perhaps better-satisfied. In reading philosophy, we should thus be irked when we see declarations of "is" with lists. Preferred: "List of important principles" and things of that style. (issue: people prefer to read philosophy that is overbold)
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I think it'd be neat to have more architecture in the world that's interestingly twisted (think Beetlejuice). I wonder if my tastes are highly unusual in this respect, or if having asymmetries and a freaky look is impractical, dangerous, or against zoning codes for some reason.

Been moving through my apartment like a hurricane throwing things away, sorting, mopping, brooming, etc. Now that I have the energy to do so, I have to say it feels nice, and being significantly less mobile lessens the tendency to go out and play in the park. There's something very appealing about having a less-full apartment (even if it's partly artificial as I probably won't reassemble my bookshelves until I'm living some other place). Convincing myself to part with books or other things I no longer need and actually throwing them away feels nice (albeit weird).

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