September 6th, 2010


Hands and Wheel

Tonight: Tried a really simple milkshake recipe (milk, bananas, joghurt) plus apricots for specific flavour. Result: It's pretty good and very filling. I need to work a bit on the proportions (more banana, less joghurt), but it's a very solid base for experimentation.

Odd moment: After pouring in the milk, I decided to take a sip - this is local milk in a glass bottle, and it smelled better than most milk I've ever had, and as soon as I was drinking the stuff I had forgotten that I only meant to take a sip - it was like entering a thought-mutex in that I had this primal thirst for the stuff. Maybe I've been neglecting the protein recently? (easy to do accidentally in a vegetarian diet)

Strange emotional vertigo: feeling a body urge subvert the "what am I doing" or "what do I want" so suddenly and strongly. I wonder if that's what addiction is like.


Everything Dies

I found this mini-comic, 「Pre-Need」, by webcomicist Box Brown (who recently completed a comic I read, 「Bellen」), to be touching - it describes his cultural wishes on how his death will be handled whenever that happens. There are two other minicomics up there too.

It's not quite what I'd hope for, but then I expect these things are deeply personal and it'd be surprising to find people who thought about it to really want the same thing. Collapse )

Also: recently picked up a rather awesomely-coloured leaf in the woods, and noticed that it looks particularly great when light is shining through it. Wondering about a leaf "advent calendar" that'd be like a stained glass window except with leaves, continually rotating to replace leaves as they shrivel up and lose their art-tastic-ness. Unfortunately, this probably would go offline every winter unless I had leaf-buddies in the southern hemisphere (or near the equator?) with which to trade leaves. Also, a design should be found that'd only allow light in through the leaves, not the area surrounding it in the panes. I'm not sure how to do that.