September 8th, 2010



Recently watched the White House Dance Tribute to Judith Jamison. I rather liked all of it, but what really got me was the breakdancers (I think their troupe is called "B Boys" or "Supercrew" - see the 33 minute mark) - I've long been rather jealous at the things breakdancers can do with their bodies.

What makes them particularly impressive to me is the amount of automation that must've happened to let them do these things (the muscles are impressive too - there's a guy who spins his body on his hand while "jumping" with it rhythmic - crazy!). I wonder what goes through their head when they do these dances - is it so automated that they might dissociate completely while doing it? Given the great space of possible human movement, do they plaster over the wrong bits to the point where they could sleepwalk through it?

Speaking of which, I think I'd like to learn circular breathing.
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I'm very pleased at a general increase in my level of fitness - I'm not sure if it's the biking, an increased amount of home cooking, a now mostly-faded depression no longer playing with my health, or taking an effort not to eat beyond being satiated, but I'm getting trim in places that haven't been trim for several years. I figure my feet will be recovered enough to start jogging again tomorrow. rh33t

Recent dreams have involved sailing, -REDACTED-, and Iguanas swimming through the air as they did in a tub. There's always a bit of melancholy with the memories of people I knew, images and voices stolen to represent different parts of myself, but not so much with pets past. Maybe it's that I don't have to listen to them - shadows of cats don't have voices, and the shadows of Iguanas just have the goofy voices that I (originally Martha) gave them saying goofier things. Ahh, Muninn and Huginn, or perhaps spirit animals. To live in a rich world of stories - an option worthy of pursuit.