September 9th, 2010


Price of Pagne

Oh hey there's my score for running/limping the PGR barefoot. Perfect timing - I believe I will test my feet with a return to barefoot runs around SqHill tomorrow evening. (Kinda tempted tonight, but having one more night to get the last bit of bruisedness out would probably be smarter)

I'm wondering how my now frequent use of my bike in lieu of taking the bus is going to affect my running. Also wondering if there's any chance that my feet might become tough enough that I'll be able to eventually handle gravel without being out of action for so long. Hmm.

Little political surprises:

  • Pleasantly surprised to find very very broad parts of the US Political spectrum condemning the Quran-burning preacher.
  • Fidel Castro has been speaking frankly about Cuban economics and anti-semitism.

Brain Dumps

I feel a bit odd beginning the process of comprehensively passing on Unix lore to someone else, It's strange that something which I enthusiastically share in pieces is something I feel a bit posessive of when the idea that someone could get a complete(ish) imprint from my sharing. After a bit of prodding around at it, I think it might be that it's some part of my identity, and the idea of spreading that fellowship around feels a bit diminishing. If this is actually what's going on in my head, I don't approve of that thought pattern - it's something I've long actively fought. Still, it's interesting to see it as another one of the bits of scaffolding and structure that's part of us as individuals - tension between wanting to be distinct and wanting commonality between our peers, expert-level teaching as a self-dedistinctifying role. This is still distinct from basic/functional Unix knowledge (can use a GNOME/KDE desktop comfortably) - everything from a set of awesome little tricks to make typing faster/smarter (e.g. escape-underscore) to debugging and systems utilities (xrandr, screen,...) to how X/xauth/etc work. I think it'd be nice if that information was very available, even as it would make the community of people who know much more broad. Not odd for me to say, but odd that there's a bit of me that's hesitant.

I wish I could say I'm disappointed in Avigdor Lieberman for his efforts to make impossible the already-difficult go at a reasonable Israeli-Palestinian settlement, but he's always been a disgustingly jingoistic fellow on par with Ze'evi. Collapse )

Trying to order a book that sounds like a fantastic survey of logic called 「Sweet Reason」 - problem: second edition has not yet been published, despite being used at a certain university. Persuading them to mail me a copy will be interesting.

Installed GoogleChrome onto my laptop - felt faster, but Firefox is just as fast if I disable all the extensions. Why do extensions slow Firefox down so much? I understand that they use all these hooks that otherwise are no-ops, but I'd guess I have about a 40% speedup when they're all ofline. Sigh.

Hopefully tonight's jog will go ok - I will have to wrap one of my toes that hasn't quite healed up yet, but otherwise I suspect I'll be fine. Body is continuing to apprach the shape I want it to have, and apartment is getting oddly clean. w00.