September 13th, 2010


Personal Totems

Notes we write to ourselves (self-pep, emotional self-reminders): Collapse )

Gestern: Trip to seek a blender and a VCR randomly turned into a longer adventure involving baking of pretzels, other food, chrisamaphone, wjl, and gwillen.

Recently: Have been imagining that a (video?)camera that would continually upload its content, using cell networks, to the internet in a way that no film could be confiscated would probably be a very good thing. Collapse )

I am inclined to think that one of the jobs of history as a discipline is to help cast our character and (soft) limitations into public eye, so we know the fabric of what we have to work with as we strive to better ourselves. Collapse )

Recent pleasure: begin to consider a new programming project, feel numerous potential shapes of software begin to assemble in the mental sky, beautiful trees.

Wishing I had a keyboard and/or some other musical instruments - improvising on an accordion feels too heavyweight.

The OpenBSD 4.8 song is out. I like a lot of it, but I'm not sure I really understand its opening yet - for a song that later proves to be so well-composed, part of it feels bizarrely sloppy. I am pretty sure I am just not parsing it correctly, but haven't figured out how to do that. On another note, the Mariachi song from Sam and Max is terribly fun to sing.