September 15th, 2010


Motorised Skateboards

An old impression (this paragraph is rambly and probably lacks a point): Collapse )

Spent a bit of the morning recovering a Unix system from an oops that nuked its /etc/group file - hooray for backups and hooray for having experience with this kind of thing.

I guess I feel odd mentioning it publicly (but given that I expressed an opinion publicly on it the other way before...), but had time to rethink a few pending philosophical issues and as of a few months ago I decided I'll call people by whichever of the two common gender pronouns they preferCollapse )

Better finger on why notes to self are sometimes odd to see - like Cthonian entities, they're the hands of inner mental life establishing a handhold in real life.


Between Private Eyes

Interesting political oops - Pennsylvania contracted with a firm that monitored various (legal) protest-and-otherwise-political groups that sent that information on to various governmental and nongovernmental agencies. Naturally we only heard about it when a whistleblower leaked the information to a Philadelphia news columnist, although later investigation showed some internal questioning of the value/propriety of this information (showing partly why having independent functional media is so important, and why our need for Wikileaks shows how far that media has fallen short of its role in society).

In other news:

A wordle-like map of common passwords