September 23rd, 2010


Inverted suns

Migraines (likely only interesting to others who suffer migraines and even then maybe not):Collapse )

I have recently been wondering how I might start to keep some Hard Cider around my apartment - the Liquor store doesn't carry it (or beer), but unlike Ohio, I don't think it's available in supermarkets. Information would be welcome from people who know how to arrange this!

I recently was thinking about the various Science Fiction shows I've watched over the years, and, having rewarched a little bit of Star Trek:TNG, I realise in retrospect that I am pretty happy at the entire arc of the show. It ended surprisingly well in a nice tie to the opening episode, and only grew mildly stale near the end of the series. It's kind of impressive given how often TV shows either bollocks up the ending (surprise! You're cancelled! Write a last episode!) or fall apart badly enough that they stop being worth watching (a good example being 「Sliders」).

Little bits of news:Collapse )

Richard Dawkins recently gave a speech as a response to Pope Ratzinger's attacks on secularism. Collapse )

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