October 13th, 2010


Revolving and Opening

Recently finished Marlowe's 「Faust」 - Collapse )

On the topic of commentary, maybe it's like reading Torah with Rashi - I don't trust that Rabbinical Judaism (necessarily) has the interpretation of Torah that originally accompanied the words (I subscribe to the idea that Judaism coalesced slowly from a polytheistic faith), but understanding modern mainstream Judaism is greatly aided by reading it with Rashi. Likewise, the various Christian study bibles add depth to the original text (even as they may add different depth as the theologies they represent are not the same). Imagery: someone tossing a ball of meaning up into the air, and as it flies, new meaning coalesces around it, landing in their hand again a transformed entity... and yet the meaning is not new - it must flow from what substance was there, even if it does not flow uniquely from that substance.

Now starting on Bernsteinの「Preconditions of Socialism」 - Collapse )

Still working on Thomas Paineの「Age of Reason」 - Collapse )

Mozilla Labs implemented an idea in Thunderbird that .. probably all software should have - having an easily found menu item that gets all the support info someone might need for tech support onto one screen. Apparently Firefaux has had it for awhile. I'm generally impressed with how much thought went into this - looking at "about:support" in my browser has a lot of great stuff, including the compile string that built my current browser. It would take a moderate amount of work to have a build process that glues all this stuff in to make that work, and it probably saves a *lot* of trouble in the long run. Netscape's build and support tools are generally quite nice though - I'm fond of Bugzilla and Tinderbox.

Many months ago, I noted that Rafsanjani was sticking his neck out by supporting moderates in the messy Iranian elections in early summer. Ahmadinejad finally managed to get revenge, cutting off the legs of one of Rafsanjani's power bases - a large university system. He needed the help of Khamenei, for whom this move may have been a nervous mistake - Ahmadinejad has been manipulating the Iranian political system to achieve significant power independent of the Supreme Leader, leaving Khamenei in need of making a concession. Will Rafsanjani be pushed to use reserve powers of the Assembly of Experts to attempt to remove the Supreme Leader? Would he dare? (doing so would likely create a constitutional crisis, and at the very least he would be risking all the positions he currently holds) - he's an unusual candidate, but he's also as much in the centre of Iranian politics as the center of gravity between Khamenei and Ahmadinejad is and so is uniquely situated to "save" the nation (even as it's true that he's a moderately corrupt plutocrat).

Looking at the latest XKCD 「Map of teh Intarwebs」:Collapse )

Discriminating ears may find this to be excessively awesome. Careful!

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