October 14th, 2010


Return to the Air

Have been working (again!) on learning Jumpstyle, thanks to a tutorial I probably linked earlier. Reasonable success so far, and it's very good exercise. Unfortunately, it uses many of the same leg muscles that I'm really pushing with my increasingly ambitious biking regimen, so I can't do it for long at a time. Still, it's good fun, and (while I used to enjoy the slow sway-y romantic dances) I'm known for energetic, shameless dancing. Adding this to the recipe book, if I can make it look right, will be great!

Today at Taza 21, Frank gave me an Iranian dish he's thinking of adding to the menu - a vegetarian version of 「Sabzi Gormeh」. I sometimes add lemon to my spinach meals as a small tweak on a broad taste - this was very very lemony; also very good. I'll need to explore further using sour tastes with spinach.