October 19th, 2010


Wardrobe of the State

Sometimes I'm bothered by the long chain of projects behind me that I've started but never finished, especially if I'm doing hosekeeping that reveals these crumbs. However, some bits of their distinctiveness have turned out in other projects in my life, or in recurring dreams; they become a richer soil for further thought.Collapse )

For a musician heavily active in the 30s, Bing Crosby's music feels surprisingly modern. I've returned to the topic of trying to understand the development of modern music sensibilities - very early recordings seem to differ from what we have now in more than just style. This is particularly interesting in that we're now about a century into the age of popular recordings of music; as we progress from Gershwin and Sophie Tucker to Spike Jones and Crosby, I wonder what today will be notable on that scale in a century. Perhaps this is akin to novels - we've had *that* technology for a very long time. Where would we be if for cultural reasons we depended on in-person storytellers instead?