October 24th, 2010


Locating the Hands

Recently got some hardware in the mail that's going to be the basis for a product for a company I've occasionally helped out with. In particular, this is a low-cost Android tablet. The hardware was made in china (the entepreneur who runs the company bounces between China and the US). It's pretty neat, but the software needs work - the interface is more than a bit sluggish (I might see if there are smallish tweaks I can make that will help). It's also running a lightly modified vesion of Android 1.x; if it meets the requirements it'd be very nice to get 2.x on it. Other than having fewer hardware buttons, it's a lot like a giant version of my NexusOne.

I'm curious about that manufacture in China. I'm not particularly loyal to the United States (except insofar as it is a suitable place by my values, which some other nations do just as good or better a job on), but I wonder why the special economic zones in china and some other parts of Southeast Asia are technology powerhouses, what the nuances of that are, and what the implications are for the US.

Note: I probably don't know as much about some of the topics ahead as I should. I try to stay reasonably well-informed by reading current events journals for that part of the world, many of which cover business pretty well, and I keep in touch with some people online who are more business-y than I am, but take my thoughts here with a deerlick of salt.

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