November 9th, 2010


Ship of Estate

With continuing evidence of data corruption giving me a "mental itch", I decided to try an alternative to contacting tech support on my HD - using twitter. Collapse )

(For those of you with accounts on my home/TV-PC system, it'll be down for a bit later this week and then will have Fedora 14 and a lot more disk)

I am sometimes amused when big software systems break at work and they can be fixed by a single well-chosen line (in this case, setting the program's UID to its EUID).

I am trying to get in the habit of understanding coffee tastes - compared to tea, I still think that most coffee is very nasty while bad tea (provided it is not oversteeped) is generally not all that bad. Very good coffee is pretty decent, and the place that used to be Arefa's (in SqHill) has some nice varieties. My exploration of coffee is not necessarily because I like coffee so much as I like the adventure in exploring that world of tastes. I have some of the terminology down (and have picked up some terms for some drinks that I lump together with coffee for no good reason, like Masala Chai) but have a lot to learn about the associated tastes and bean varities.

Thinking a bit more about Švankmajerの「Lunacy」 - Collapse )

For the curious, the process I used to figure out what files were corrupted by my SSD (not likely super interesting to most people):Collapse )

Recently been thinking about the controversy over former MP Woolas in the UK, who was dismissed from Parliament (and ejected from the Labour party) for making things up about his opponent. It's interesting to contrast the claims of the chilling effect on political discourse with the idea of high standards - it's another "do we really want discourse lower than this standard or not?" - is it democracy at work to either set rules or to depend on people to see through rubbish? To me the answer is not entirely clear, although I am leaning on the side of demanding standards and to have structured elections that are written with awareness of how people operate. Restricted election seasons, a press bound by some notion of best practices, and rules for candidates seem likely to me to produce a more reasoned democratic process (presuming that's what we want) than one that places a higher cognitive burden on the people than we have any reason to expect (and that have empirically proven to be unreasonable expectations).

My project to do a brain dump of all my encyclopedic knowledge into a (currently private) wiki: going slowly, but quite satisfying. Here's my article on our planet so far (inner links stripped out because otherwise my blog software will assume them to be real wikilinks and add them to its list of wikipages to be created on its builtin wiki):Collapse )

Been in a weird emotional place for the last while. Understandable, not necessarily easy, but not disasterous. Life is complicated.