November 20th, 2010


Che F

I am coming to really appreciate having good kitchen tools - seems I'm cooking more for myself these days. Some of this is a happier attitude, some is good advice, and some is outgrowing of my prior excessively narrow interests. I'm coming to particularly enjoy joghurt as an ingredient - versatile! Also, it is so ridiculously easy to make tasty things with okra that I am coming to see it as cheating. Next on the big list of experiments to have is grilled mushrooms. Today's luch is a rice-tomato-okra-mushroom-celery-paneer stew, with a good amount of cumin, pepper, joghurt, and chili, served with milkshake. Yum!

Recent: conversation on typing. According to informal testing at TypeOnline, K and I type at roughly the same speed (~90wpm). Collapse )

Recently learned how to set up ssh for reverse tunnelling, which is really useful! While learning about that I also discovered that ssh can setup Layer3 tunnels between nodes, which is highly sexy! (will have to experiment with that later)

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  • Some minor points by Pope Ratzinger on when condom use may be acceptable-though-a-lesser-solution seem to be being amplified beyond their intent. Still, it's an important step to get from blanket hard disapproval to nuanced disapproval that still may permit.
  • I am thinking of beginning to swim regularly. CMU's pool will do.
  • Life has been found deep in our planet's crust. Neat!
  • It is very pretty outside. Trying to decide between jogging, biking, heading down to the Southside, and many other options!