November 22nd, 2010


Secular Pizza

Went to a pizza social that was (theoretically) a joint event between UPitt's secular group and CMU's (I think the Pitt group organised it). It was pretty decent - there were a lot of people (cheap pizza!), and the non-student secular groups had a few of their people there too. It may not be quite here yet, but it seems that people are starting to take seriously the task of building lasting social ties here that mean secularism isn't just for university students during some phase of their life. Linking the existing groups together is important; I don't know if we'll ever have community centres that act a lot like churches, but we either need our own cradle-to-grave societies or to have broader versions of such in order to make secular life something that won't result in a lonely, fragmented society. We're getting closer there.

Compared to people I've dated or known, I may be a bit slow in coming to the table, but I think I'm ready to take my place at the table in being part of that thing we're trying to build, and even if I'm not exactly a secular humanist, my views are close enough. Plus, I have a lot of personal ties, debate experience, and have had plenty of years to brush up on philosophy and the sciences.

Unrelated, this time-distorted video of empty coke cans being dissolved in Acid and Alkaline solutions is awesome.