November 23rd, 2010


TSA Stuff and Conformity

Hear me grumble about the TSA controversy from a different angle than you'd think...

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In other news (been meaning to write about this for awhile), about two years ago South Korea elected a President who shifted government policy regarding North Korea towards a more hawkish, confrontational tone. South Korea's military provoked North Korea by holding military exercises (with live ammunition) near the land border (in disputed waters) - North Korea initially responded with some light fire across the land border, but after nine days, today North Korea shelled a nearby island (also in disputed waters), killing two South Korean marines, injuring several people, and destroying some homes. Hopefully this won't escalate further - neither side has clean hands (or is particularly level-headed).

Recently have been experimenting with things much like origami. So far, I have things that look vaguely like flowers or palm trees - I'd like to experiment with moisture and coloured powders or chalk (applied in a series of stages with selective moistening to let me choose what color goes where) to take things further.

Also, at work I'm experimenting with NoCat as an AP management software - previously hacked together something for our Homenet project but I think NoCat will be more robust if I can get it configured to my liking before the project goes live.

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