November 24th, 2010


Coriolis Affection

Replacement Android: Arrived. Old android: shipped off to HTC. AndroidGeekery:Collapse )

I'm curious to see what the next Wikileaks release will have.

I sometimes think keeping an eye on Sarah Palin is like watching the Jerry Springer Show. Maybe I'm partly in disbelief of exactly how repellent her views are to me, while in certain sneaking admiration as to how powerful it can be to tap into the base instincts of humanity - the disgustingness of patriotism, anti-intellectual protection of the ego, etc. What she has or represents can't qualify as wisdom, but it's a weasel cunning elevated to an art form. I would like to see her fail, her movement to vanish into obscurity (even as, with anti-earmark efforts, we may be able to get a few small good things out of it as it passes), and the earlier regressive tendencies she's voicing vanished as we push onwards in our goal to progressively improve ourselves. Still, there's a twisted vital beauty in the way she talks and tacts. (this is entirely distinct from the occasional excessive bluntness we hear from people who really should know better)

Amused and slightly dismayed to see that there are two competing forks of the RPM Package Manager (same name, same extension). Gah!

This is an interesting issue I think - some weekend schools in the UK are using Saudi curriculum, with heavily anti-jewish content. It looks like the UK will respond by regulating that content (sensible, I think). I wonder how we'd handle similar cases in the US. Are our hands tied from the beginning, or would we see some non-court action (akin to how "the NYC Mosque" is being delayed and lent upon)?

Hopefully I'll hear back about the SSD soon.

Campus is a ghost town right now - holiday season is always lonely. Trying to decide if I want to head into work tomorrow.

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