December 1st, 2010



Hey it's snowing, as if on cue! I don't like cold (although my discomfort with temperature is generally present from mid-August to late-April - I really should live someplace warmer), but snow's alright. Maybe I'll actually snowboard again this winter!

It's interesting to see some calls for assassination of Julian Assage (of Wikileaks) from relatively high-profile people. I'd think they'd realise that by hopping into the "call for death" game, a lot of people are going to consider them to be "fair game" as wellCollapse )

I find it adorable when cats tilt their head. Joining them in that leads to neck soreness, particularly when they rotate *more* to compensate!

In case I forget later, Happy Channukah, Merry Solstice, have a rocking Kwanzaa, festive Festivus, or whatever y'all do. Stay warm!


International Spin the Bottle

Two more thoughts on Wikileaks cable releases:Collapse )

Some ... interesting (despicable, I think) positions on the Wikileaks Cable release:

  • has decided to stop hosting them (after a very brief stay). This might be another good reason to Boycott them.
  • Attourney General Eric Holder, for suggesting that Assange be liable under US laws (being neither a citizen nor a resident nor a presence in the US), and in particular for suggesting use of the Espionage Act of 1917 as a basis for prosecution.
  • Peter King (R-NY House, will be head of Homeland Security Committee) - Wants Wikileaks designated as a terrorist group (he has a number of other "interesting" quirks that in a more ideal world would make him unelectable)
  • Joe Lieberman (you know who he is) - pressured Amazon to drop Wikileaks. Has made things up about the costs of existing Wikileaks releases. Has tried to pose Wikileaks as an attack on American transparency(!). (Note: I may be biased - Joe Lieberman is one of the American politicians I dislike the most)
  • It's not hard to find others calling for prison or dealth for Assange...