December 8th, 2010


Density and Light

Sorry, more politics!

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Ok, done with politics!

This weekend, I intend to make Quiche (and Giga Pudding! In the longer term, I want to have a list of projects on which I might work during the (rapidly approaching) quiet times. Ideas so far:Collapse )

Also: recent fascination with rock gardens. I've been thinking about the shapes in the sands and how the patterns may relate to the stages of processing in the visual cortex. Likewise: doodles on paper. Unusual to look at such things and think "you've really got something there" when that something is hard to define - we've struggled to make words that are probably some abstraction over how our perception of space works (like "negative space"). I think it'd be interesting to try to trace concepts in space and aesthetics like that to properties of the visual cortex, both because it'd be interesting to see each perspective from the other, and because it might suggest new kinds of art that we haven't invented yet (e.g. let's try to create sensations of motion through stimuli that excite V5 while minimally exciting the ventral stream) (P.S. the visual cortex is divided, after the initial stages of processing that are more-or-less making a bitmap of the visual field, into a dorsal stream that's relatively motion oriented and a ventral stream that's relatively object/identification oriented - the specifics of this are fascinating reading!)

Also, been thinking a bit about the "when/whys" of calling people on social dishonesty - saying something untrue to avoid broaching a topic, or to avoid admitting something, or to mentally position oneself or make a situation that gives one wiggle room..