December 22nd, 2010


Pulling a Tigger's Tail

I swear, South Korea is really asking for it, Collapse )

Today: had a very boring stay at the bank talking to a financial advisor. Actually, some part of me loved it - a part that sees investment of money as being like playing Sid Meier's Civilisation, and maybe another little part that sees having a good conversation with a stranger as being fun (feels weird to have part of his life story, but sharing these is part of social ties).

Current books:

  • Ethics of Ambiguity
  • Wael Hallaqの「Sharia: Teory, Practice, Transformations」
  • Sweet Reason
  • Sartreの「Critique of Dialectical Reason」
  • Max Barryの「Company」
I need to get better at using spare time. I don't mind socialising, but when I'm not socialising I sometimes have trouble actually doing things that I really want to do only when they're not possible. My sketchbook/drawing tablet/books/coding projects/hardware projects are things I frequently want to spend time with while doing work or while away from them, but when they're proximate I sometimes just take naps or walks or do anything but use them. I'm trying to figure out what this means - once I get started on these activities, I'm very happy to keep doing them.

I also want to find out if it's possible to modify the compose key mappings on Linux, or if I need to map things under the Mode_switch key.

I find Schlomi Fishの「Programs every Programmer has Written」 to be cute. It doesn't claim actual accuracy, but let's see how I measure up:Collapse )

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