December 25th, 2010


Light of Day

I am sometimes surprised how touchy certain topics can be for me (even if my discomfort is often deferred until later or masked enough that nobody notices). Recently had a conversation that touched on distinctiveness versus lonliness. In this, I realise some of my ego is built on the idea of being different (but this also means some of my lonliness derives from the structure of my mental makeup). Collapse )

Maybe more relevant for others because I know the answer, but for the people we know in our lives, with whom is our dialogue most like that with which we have with ourself?

On an entirely different note, I wonder what the possibilities for large-scale change in how economics works are. Collapse )

Many of the comments on this Youtube discussion are disturbing. Interesting task: push down one's discomfort and look for patterns in the posters who say misogynist things. Age, location, upbringing, politics, subculture, etc.

I find myself missing the woods and my cats. Also, I have ideas on videos to make for my youtube channel...

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Make that all three sisters now engaged, my sister Lindsay having been proposed to on Christmas. Huh.

It seemed likely that someday I'd end up with three brothers-in-law, and it's neat that the three of them are pretty cool. Still, as a marker of time this is a little strange - uncles looking a bit more like grandparents, grandparents looking a bit more tired, and cousins with children. It feels a little strange to still feel mostly the same, like something's a bit out of sync.

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