December 31st, 2010


Drawing Outside the Lines

Begun in 2010, but will be finished outside the lines. I like the symbolism - just like that "Does not play well with others" that I (and many others) received on their elementary school report card that's become a mini-emblem of identity, rarely in life do our adventures line up with arbitrary borders, however much we might like them to (sense of occasion?).

What was 2010 to me? I'd like to say that it's when I conquered (again) depression, but it'd be more accurate to say that it's under control. I'd like to say that -REDACTED- but that's not nearly so simple. Apart from depression and lonliness being markedly down, more's the same than different in my life - still tweaking this understanding of humanity and society that I've been building for years, neat advances in sciences, thought, literature paired with the usual faults against which we struggle. Actual shifts:Collapse )

For next year:

  • Get a violin or string bass (or just maybe something else)
  • Likely move (Yes I say this all the time, but it is reasonably likely this time b/c my job is going away come summer)
  • Do more stuff. Seriously.
  • Be less timid about making life changes that make me happy. It is ok to spend money on myself - I don't need to save every dime, and so long as I donate enough of my income and save enough, I can be happy spending a bit on me.
  • Shape my relations with others to make me happy (without making them unhappy)
  • Focus on high quality inputs of ideas/music/art/etc in my life.
  • Get involved again with some kind of charity work. I've done this in the past, but not much in Pgh. Either here or wherever I live next, it'd be good to be helping again.
First night celebration:Collapse )

This is one of the longer-delayed posts I've made in recent memory - started NYE, finishing it on the 3rd. Huh.

Let's think a bit more broadly and look at the world.Collapse )

Thinking a bit about this particular 「Law and the Multiverse post」 about mens rea and actus reus, I'm toying with this as one of the general principles of law: Law is a tool by which people are (shaped towards/punished ifnot) acting in reasonable ways (as shaped by custom), in areas where there is a social interest (generally, preventing a harm) in conformity.

I intend to get back into webcomicking - not a continuation of Oyschlisn - rather a redoing and continuation of the other story I occasionally posted bits of on here before.

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