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Our society, with its two authorities, scientists and priests,at ends like arguing parents, has lost its tribal elder. No morerabbi or medicine man, no longer the role of the fountain ofknowledge, the caring but decisive leader. Politicians are adissatisfying placebo. I think there's a desire to believe, toplace one's trust in someone, and throw their lot in with them,for good or for bad. This might be part of group identity. Thereare people who believe in fairly decent dictators, such asCastro. Truly religious people throw in their lot with theirdeities, and with their religious leaders. Some people put theirtrust in society -- they identify with politicians, which is why ithurts them when politicians betray the public trust. It neversurprises me when I see stuff like that. Group identity is easy.One loses accountability, one loses the need to make one's ownargument. When one gets tired of standing alone, the identitiesare always there, waiting to bring an end to a lifelong journeyof exploration. I've sometimes felt tired, and tempted to makea stop somewhere... anywhere, to settle under someone's umbrella.

Most ironic to me... I think love is another form of group identity..strange that a phonomena that I consider so worrying really might bepart of something so wonderful. Group identity then, is not somethingto be avoided in all cases. It is, however, something that one shouldtake some effort towards monitoring. There seems to be far less dangerin sharing some identity with a lover than in sharing some identity witha large crowd. One chooses one's lover (Not applicable in some societies).One doesn't get to choose all the people in a crowd or a movement. Thepoint of a movement is to achieve some ends. The point of love is ..well, that's a good question. What is the point of love? Is it a value? Perhaps I'll write about this later, if I think of somethingto say. One of my friends suggested that love is codependance andcohabitation. I don't think that captures the essense of it, but it isdelightfully cynical... like chewing on a lemon.

Ooh... admiring the brain's ability to disambiguate "that captures theessense of it"... an interesting mix, likely, of brute force andalgorithm/heuristic.

Hopefully this shall continue to be a good day :)

Tags: philosophy, politics

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