March 7th, 2011


New Digital Homes

Ordered a new computer; old one is becoming quirky and its case is starting to come apart. Specs:

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I captured my general opinions accurately in my last post, regarding Westboro's picketing of US Soldiers, but got the facts wrong in that specific case; Westboro's pickets were not in fact in the immediate vicinity of the funerals, and so that falls into the grounds of what I think should be legally permitted. I think protesting funerals/births/weddings should be strongly frowned upon, even for people/families that did monstrous things.

I'm bothered at certain advances in military technology. It's weird to be part of a university that's active in developing these things.

Someone on a soapbox gets nostalgic about Linux in "the old days", but it's 60% BS:Collapse )

Hillary Clinton recently pointed out the elephant in the room - that out news media in the United States is very poor, and that there exist good alternatives overseas (many of which are publically funded). Al Jazeera, she notes, is taking off because it provides real news. I'm surprised that she said it (sensitive topic!), but she's right. I've used Al Jazeera for years as one of my few always-read news sources; it's really high quality for news all over the world. If it catches on in the US, I'd be delighted. Our existing news media do a bad enough job that it's very hard for Americans to stay informed, and it's hard to believe that CNN is making a serious effort anymore (Fox is better, despite its crazy bias).

I've wanted to do the dancing thing, but my throat/lungs have been frustratingly reluctant to declare a full recovery from flu, despite everything else being pretty much ok. Le sigh.

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